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A historic building on the French Riviera

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An exceptional boutique hotel on the French Riviera :

"Malmaison", real institution reopened its doors early 2016.

"Malmaison" yesterday : simple and charming tourist residence "without history" closed for repairs late 2015. This decision, programmed by its owners and its new operator, enabled this unique, present for over a century in Nice, all at once to renovate to better beautify and to let rediscover beneath the finery of "La Malmaison Nice ****", 1st hotel Ascend Hotel Collection® member in France.

Indeed, let a few years back (late 19th - early 20th century), since this Scottish doctor T.-G. Smollett, made the British discover Nice not hesitating to assert "Neither am I so apt to catch cold (in Nice) as I used to be in England and France", the prophylactic reputation of the city attracts many Her Majesty's subjects each winter and became one of the resorts of the British and Queen Victoria. We are also at the beginning of the Belle Epoque, the county of Nice has been attached to France and this period will give rise to buildings that will mark the city, like the Excelsior Regina Palace, the Palais de la Méditerranée, the Nesgresco hotel, the Jetée-Promenade or the municipal Casino.

This 5-story building, erected in this rich architectural and creative movement, and sheltering forty comfortable rooms will be named "The Hotel de Liège". Generous proportions, elegant style and built using natural materials such as stone, marble, wrought iron and wood, this building, with its remarkable facade, will be for years a reference hotel accommodation in Nice along the famous "Musicians

district" and in the heart of what would be later be "The Golden Square". 

The historic "Hôtel de Liège" will become many years later the residence "La Malmaison", transformed even manhandled by successive disposals and renovations operations some of which have forgotten the original nobility of this unique place. It is in this particular context, with all the planning constraints but also all the fields of freedom unexplored inside, that the ambition to transform "La Malmaison" was born.

Today, "Malmaison" presents as a Niçoise building, looking like a mansion with ordinary ocher facade, camouflaging outrageously old-stone that we would love one day to reappear. It's out the door and engaging in original marble staircase, we find that after these few months of closure, a completely redesigned interior, both in its decor, its atmosphere and its services, to give it the charm and authenticity of his early years. The decoration inspired by the Art Deco style, refined and revisited very subtle to preserve the spirit and elegance of the era, was designed by a Niçoise designer.

So this real forgotten Nice hotel institution, reopened its doors completely transformed in February 12, 2016 to become the 4-stars "La Malmaison Nice ****", 1st hotel Ascend Hotel Collection® member in France joining Choice Hotels Europe.